About the Company

Norddeutsche Kaffeewerke GmbH is a member of Strauss Coffee, one of the world’s leading coffee companies. The companies have worked together since 2012. With the production launch in 2010, Norddeutsche Kaffeewerke GmbH is one of the most advanced and modern freeze-dried coffee factories in Europe. Germany has always been renowned for its cutting-edge production technology and European quality standards.

The experience of German specialists from Norddeutsche Kaffeewerke GmbH, coupled with expertise of Strauss coffee technologists guarantees high product quality and cost-effectiveness.

Geographical location of the factory is very convenient for the purpose of serving European customers, as well as for overseas logistics — the factory is located close to Hamburg, an important European cargo port.

The plant’s production capacity is 4 500 tons of freeze-dried coffee per year.

Management of Norddeutsche Kaffeewerke

Kai Wassermann
Managing Director
Amir Levin
Managing Director
Anna Reva
Managing Director/CFO